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Alexa Developer Agreement

08 Apr 2021 /

It`s Eula. You can provide a Developer`s EULA with any application if it complies with the requirements of this Agreement and is not inconsistent with this Agreement. For all mobile applications you submit to the program, you agree that the rules of our terms of use of Amazon Appstore, which we define as standard end-use conditions for licenses (“STANDARD LICENSE CONDITIONS”), apply to the use of your mobile apps and their content by end-users. Standard EBA conditions state, among other things, that you are a licensee for mobile applications and that we are not involved in your CLA. In the event of a conflict between the standard conditions of LAE and the developer`s board.C.A., the standard conditions of LAE are controlled in the magnitude of such a conflict. We assume no responsibility for compliance or non-compliance by you or an end-user in accordance with a developer`s board.C.A. or the standard laE conditions. Only for PC software – Marketing Development Funds/Coop. If you or any of your related companies are part of an agreement with Amazon from time to time under which you (or your partner) have agreed to pay development marketing funds, discounts, discounts or similar payments (together “MDF”) for the physical version of a PC software, then you also pay us equivalent MDF for the PC software distributed under this agreement. We can charge you for payments due with the amount of MDF you have to pay.

Without limiting any of the other licenses you grant in this agreement, you grant Alexa and its related companies a right and licenses on your trademarks, non-exclusive, without limitation in time, irrevocably irrevocable and totally under-conceded: content, content, data, information, photos, images, videos and other materials and objects that you provide or provide to Alexa (together “your materials”), including, but not only, the right to use, reproduce, execute, adapt, modify, reformat, create derivative works and otherwise exploit them, commercially or not; however, if nothing in this Agreement prevents or interferes with our right to use your materials without your consent, as long as such use is permitted without a license from you or your related company under applicable legislation (e.g. B, fair dealing under U.S. copyright, reference use under trademark law or valid third-party license). “Your marks” are trademarks of you that you provide to us: (a) in the form of non-text for branding purposes; and (b) separately from product-specific information or materials (not incorporated or otherwise incorporated). “Brand” means any brand, service mark, trademark, trademark (including “look and feel” owners), business names, other proprietary logos or badges, or any other source or business identifier protected or protected by applicable legislation; “Content” refers to copyrighted works under existing legislation. The program material. We can provide software, software development kits, libraries, application interfaces, services, documentation, code examples and related documents for the use of the program (together the “program supports”). If you use program material, you are subject to our program equipment license agreement (the “program equipment license”) under Your use of certain program materials is also subject to additional conditions in all schedules applicable to these program materials (z.B. your use of the program materials we provide for the sale of in-app products, the terms of the distribution plan and the in-app product plan.

You are solely responsible for the smooth running of your content and devices with all the program media you use, including future updated or modified versions of those documents.