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Unity Asset Store License Agreement

19 Dec 2020 /

END USER herely recognizes that in the event of a licence acquisition for an asset that is identified in The Unity Asset Store as an asset marketed by the supplier (unlike Unity), the supplier is considered to be the seller of the license to that asset and as a licensee; Therefore, only the supplier (unlike Unity) is liable for any liability in connection with a CLA or violation by the Supplier, including (unrestricted) liability in the event of infringement of intellectual property rights, regardless of the fact that Unity facilitates payment. 2.2.1 Unrestricted assets. The following relate only to assets that are not limited assets: the licensee grants the end user a non-exclusive, global and permanent licence for the asset, in order to integrate it only as integrated and integrated components of electronic applications and digital media and to distribute these electronic applications and digital media; Reproduction and display in distributed physical advertising media are permitted exclusively for marketing purposes for such electronic applications or digital media. With the exception of Services Software Development Kits (“SDK Services”), end-users can change assets. End-users cannot reproduce assets, publicly display them, publish them, transfer them, distribute them, sublicensings, rent them, rent them or lend them. It is emphasized that end-users are not allowed to broadcast or transfer assets in any way (including, without sublicensing limitations) other than integrated components of electronic applications and digital media or support for physical marketing materials. Without limitation of the above, it is pointed out that end-users are not allowed to share the costs of purchasing an asset and then have that asset used by third parties who have contributed to that purchase (Forum Pooling). With the exception of the license fees granted by the supplier in Section 6 below, Unity agrees that it does not receive any rights, title or interest from suppliers (or licensees) under this agreement on or on assets provided by the supplier, including all intellectual property rights held in those assets. I hope this information will help. If you have any follow-up questions, please contact us at What you said is confusing, because under “Essentials” you have another “Standard Assets” package (for Uniyt 2017.3) with the same licenses and the description saying that we can use it for our Unity projects can use consultants and other contractors in connection with the performance of obligations and the exercise of rights arising from this agreement, provided that these consultants and contractors are subject to the same obligations.