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University Of Kent Accommodation Agreement

14 Apr 2021 /

With a roommate agreement can help when they live in public housing, there are things to think about here when you have one. You`ll find a handy template at the end of this document that will allow you to start the discussion, but be sure to adapt it to work for you. While some students find that they have problems with their roommates, the most important thing is to remember that it is perfectly normal to contradict and fall! Everyone has different personalities and life perspectives – communication is the key to facilitating cohabitation. It is important to talk to each other, and if someone is doing something to annoy you or cause friction in this House, then talk about it and try to reach an agreement or a compromise. The roommate may not even know what they are doing causing problems for you, so if you don`t tell them, they can`t fix it! If you must stay on campus for a period that is not included in your accommodation contract, you can book it through the accommodation office following our website`s instructions for vacation rentals. Are you a student at the University of Kent from January? If so, you can now apply online for a guaranteed hosting offer! Go to to apply or go to our website to see the variety of accommodation options available This down payment is usually paid to your landlord when you sign your rental agreement. This is a protection against damage to the property beyond normal wear. The down payment is usually 1-1 months` rent and will be payable by each tenant. For more information, please visit the Accessible Accommodation page. Your accommodation costs must be paid within two weeks from the beginning of the semester or before you arrive at university.

Payments are made online and more information is available on student financial sites. No no. Canterbury has a great offer of accommodation. It will still be available for accommodation, even if you decide to look for a few weeks before you have to move in. Yes, we have made available a limited number of rooms on our campus for returning students. You can live in any of our accommodation options, with the exception of Eliot and Turing College. Open accommodation applications for returning students in mid-January and you can apply with your friends so you can live together and enjoy all the same benefits as your first year (no deposits, bills and insurance included, and shorter contracts, to name a few). The owner is responsible for most repair problems if you reside in privately rented housing. However, it`s up to you to report the problem to the owner, because if your landlord doesn`t know, he or she can`t make sure it`s fixed! Therefore, you should report a repair problem to the owner or agent as soon as you notice it.