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Which Of These Is Not An Agreement Under Wto Mcq

21 Dec 2020 /

Which of the following institutions regulated trade relations between states in the post-World War II period? Statement: GATT members signed an agreement during the Uruguay Round of April 1994 and the WTO was established on 1 January 1995. The World Trade Organization helps facilitate this trade by providing a framework for the negotiation of various trade agreements. It also offers a settlement of disputes that may arise between trade nations covered by WTO agreements. The EU`s accession to the EU, which prompted an agreement on the Lomé Convention? 9. The TRADE-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement is managed by: 3. Whose headquarters of the WTO (a) Austria (b) Geneva (c) New York (d) Washington DC GATT has been replaced by the WTO, which represents the World Trade Organization. These World Trade Organization MCQs are also important and those who will try PPSC, CSS, FPSC, NTS Jobtest should also prepare it. Which state negotiated and signed an association agreement with the EU, but decided not to sign it at the end of 2013? Which of the following options is not the WTO`s objective? (a) Environmental protection (b) Improving the balance of payments situation of Member States c) Improving the standard of living of the peoples of the Member States (d) Increase in production and trade in goods 4. Which of these institutions is not part of the World Bank Community? Nine of them. The TRIPS agreement (aspects of trade-related intellectual property rights) is managed by: a) World Bank (WB) b) United Nations (UN) (c) (WTO) (d) United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Nations (UNCTAD) Question 7: Review of the following statements on Special Safeguard Mechanisms (SSM) under the WTO: c) The Most Favoured Nation Principle under GATT Question 5 Which of the following categories of agricultural subsidies is allowed under the WTO? (d) The WTO has been able to cover the direct tax policies of Member States in its agreements. The World Trade Organization is an international organization responsible for monitoring and regulating international trade between countries. It is primarily responsible for regulating trade, which covers goods, services and intellectual property between participating countries.