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American Express Centurion Card Agreement

11 Sep 2021 /

American Express is not mysterious on this card as for the black card. The Platinum Card is the next step in the Gold Card and comes with many luxury benefits. Qualifying for this card requires very high creditworthiness – and a long credit history. Potential cardholders also need a relatively high income to be admitted to the card, but certainly not as high as the black card. You can also redeem your points for a variety of gift cards in the travel, retail, and restaurant categories. Prices vary by provider and range from 0.5 cents to one cent per membership premium point. You can also pay 0.8 cents per Reward membership from a number of providers (including Amazon). As you can see, it`s better to use membership Rewards to travel than to redeem them for gift cards. Recently, American Express extended new payment flexibility features to its platinum, gold and green price cards, which allow cardholders to pay for purchases of more than 100 $US over time at a fixed interest rate and spread all major purchases into installment payments over time. While technically the Platinum Card is still a lot card, it now offers a revolving credit feature with a separate line of credit that, if necessary, makes it similar to a credit card. The card also comes with travel benefits that are all the more valuable as they are used: in two episodes of the HBO comedy show Succession, Kendall and Siobhan Roy, heirs to a media heritage, use their Centurion cards in a bar and café.

Don`t worry: other Amex cards might fill out the bill and other credit card issuers also offer black cards. Many even come with excellent travel benefits and elite status – without the high annual fees. Look at some of these premium travel credit cards. The Centurion card has become a status symbol in the music industry, especially in hip-hop culture. [13] In 2002, Bloomberg News reported that rapper Sean “P. Diddy” Combs was using the card to buy 400 cocktails at a Los Angeles bar. [14] In the song “Doing It Way Big” (2003), Lil` Kim sings: I smack niggas `cross the face with a Centurion card / Who don`t believe I`m (doing it way big). Lil`Kim then posed with a Centurion card attached to a diamond necklace for a nylon magazine photo shoot. [15] In the song “Last Call” (2004), Kanye West refers to the map with the text: I went to the malls and put too hard / “Oh my God, is this a black card?” / I turned around and replied, “Why yes / But I prefer the term African American Express.” In “Welcome Back” (2004), Mase sings: Amex black card / Shopper of the year. In “Get It Poppin” (2005), Fat Joe sings: I got that black no limit American Express Card. Other singers like Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Bow Wow, Nelly Furtado and Lil Wayne also mention black cards in their song lyrics, but no particular American express products.

Learn more about these alternatives below on the page or browse our entire page dedicated to metal credit cards that you can get now, including a few with no annual fee. The Centurion card was used as an on-screen accessory. Centurion Card members, like Platinum Card members, will have free access to American Express Centurion Lounges at several U.S. airports. You`ll also get unlimited access to priority lounges around the world[27] as well as additional lounge privileges based on the country where their card is registered. For example, in Canada, Centurion cardholders also have access to the Maple Leaf Lounge, an Air Canada lounge network. [28] During peak hours, Centurion members have access to areas reserved for them. There are also drink options at the bar that are exclusively for Centurion members. Since 2015, they have a champagne option from Veuve Clicquot and a Single Malt Scotch from Balvenie.

[29] It is not possible to make an apple-to-apple comparison of the Centurion Card with other cards as it serves such a small market segment and offers unique benefits. . . .