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Reviver Aed View Agreement

11 Apr 2021 /

If you sign up for the ReviveR® View Service Agreement, you will receive much more than one AED. You will receive the new ReviveR® View, closet, AED Training, Battery Exchange and upgrades at a low and fixed monthly cost of only $109 per month with a 36-month service contract. Count on Cintas to monitor the alarm. Our CintasNet© wireless system provides faster transmission speed – connecting your alarm panel to your local EMS. Cintas Corporation helps more than one million businesses of all sizes and prepare™ open their doors with confidence every day by providing a wide range of products and services that enhance the image of our customers and help their facilities and employees look for fit, safely and best. At Cintas, we know that a strong supplier network plays a direct role in our business performance and global competitiveness. And we have a long history of dependence on the services of a wide range of domestic and international suppliers – owning, doing or doing business with entrepreneurs in hundreds of cases abroad, and producing on five continents in more than 30 countries. Editor`s Note: At the end of October, at this year`s National Safety Council Congress – Expo, Defibtech LLC introduced a new automated external defibrillator called ReviveR™ VIEW. According to Greg Slusser, vice president of sales and marketing at Guilford, Conn. the local company is the second word in the name of the product — VIEW — that sets it apart from other DISQUES on the market because it contains a video screen that is integrated into the unit and provides a color video message for everyone to help a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. On November 6, 2009, Slusser spoke with the Editor-in-Chief of OH-S about the technology behind the unit and the need for other AEDs in general.

Excerpts from the conversation follow: Our quest for continuous improvement includes our unwavering commitment to safety, and many industry leaders challenge us as experts in this arena. All Cintas organizations meet internationally recognized safety standards and are expected to comply with them on a daily basis. Only Cintas can provide Carhartt workwear in a simple and affordable rental program.